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Indie Radio Podcast

Here's Your Chance To Get Featured


Tired of trying to go like for like and sub for sub? Looking for other ways to network and share your music? Us too! As independent artists, we know it's hard to get your music heard without paying for marketing or spending hours liking away on music groups. Our group Grey Society is opening a new podcast to air indie artists for free, no gimmicks! No fees! We are searching for new ways for us independent artists to network. Feel free to leave a bio for us to give a shout-out to yourself/group and what you represent. If your original song is selected to be aired you will be contacted via email. At the end of every month there will be a live stream of the top 10 songs chosen by the group and dedicated time to give listeners and fellow artists more information regarding your music and why you make it!

We will drop the details soon of where we will broadcast the radio podcast.

***We will only accept original music***

Submit your MP3s to

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