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Born and raised on Long Island, New York. Lyricist/Musician/Artist, One of the founding members of Grey Society.

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NYSE started freestyling in high school for fun at house parties. It wasn't until JMack approached him one day about the possibility of trying to collaborate on music together that he took the art of rhyming seriously. NYSE has an issue with the lines that our society draws for us today. He has a strong distaste for labels, and doesn't hesitate to expresses his thoughts in the form of rhymes to get that message across at times in his music. 
NYSE is heavily influenced by 90's rappers like Biggie, Big L, Nas, Immortal Technique and Big Pun as well as influences from his Wife "Sometimes" from the alternative scene such as Alt J, Milky Chance and Kings of Leon. But surprisingly his highest influence is by far Lauryn Hill and the powerful messages she delivered in her music. He strives to reach the masses the way she was able to with rhythmic words of knowledge on real life issues and topics.

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My Perceptions - NYSE Prod. NYSE

Loosy Goosy - Nyse ft. Savvier Prod. JMack

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