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Musician, Producer & Vocalist

Dark eyes dark skin still I’m born gifted,

Though the years I saw the growth then realized there was something missing

I found a purpose, saw the dream, and I felt the ambition.

I’m not a quitter, I’m an artist someone with a vision.

Paint it vivid so believe I won’t read what was scripted

you got me twisted , you must not fall victim to a world with restrictions.

So Be great forgive and have faith. You say you hungry so I better see you in line with a plate

Don’t get it twisted we are misfit but we will never be a waste.

We’ll make my own definition of “straight”

We keep on grinding like a pro who skates 

Trust me I have no time to sit around and debate

Faith is what you make and that’s all we need to navigate


I was woefully inadequate, collecting change in all my cabinets 

Playing devil’s advocate, undergraduate, a psychoanalyst..

I navigate through the darkness hope is our amulet let it remain passionate because the devil still feels

Abandonment, and will snatch your soul if you allow it.


Look at how I came up,

Mentally meant to be more than famous

I’m elevated so if you come at me, you better aim up

Negativity is trying to claim us

I’m quick to turn the conversation to an inauguration, some are quick to break

I simply handle the vibrations

Turn accusations to acclamations, let this be the narration of our salvation

Our sole purpose is be remembered as one who was underrated but heroically

Saved his or her kind without hatred but with hope, love and faith

We will  rise again my proud  women and men.
from here on out we begin with a simple plan which to win

not for the fame not for the glory, but to find your purpose, to tell your story.

Mostly locally but soon the whole world will toast to me

So at a short range you couldn’t scope me, even if the clothes change I promise you, you could never fold me.

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